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85mm fun

Here’s a random shot I took while testing out the Canon 85mm f/1.2L.  I was showing Veronica some differences between flash techniques, and ended up with this one.  Completely ballparked flash settings, firing from the side into her glass of ice water.  Again, don’t mind

Melissa – Researcher With Attitude

Two Sundays ago, my friend Veronica and I had arranged a “team photoshoot” with a model she found online.  We set up a meet, and a theme (sorta), and sadly, there was a communications issue, and the shoot never happened.  Oh well, at least we

Testing the O-Flash – Self Portrait

I ended up finally pulling the trigger on picking up one of Photojojo‘s latest toys, the O-Flash ring flash adapter.  When they first announced it a few weeks ago, I was definitely intrigued, however wasn’t sure how quality a $40 ring light adapter would be. 

Shutter speed and flash syncing

My last post on the Pixel Knight TR-332 TTL wireless flash triggers here had no photos of my own, just some vids on flash triggers and how the syncing worked (or didn’t work) on various cameras. This is more of that technobabble. Although unlike my

Pixel Knight TR-332 Wireless TTL Flash Triggers Review

Recently I took a chance and purchased the Pixel Knight TR-332 Wireless TTL Flash Triggers from Gadget Infinity and thought I’d give them a shot on my 20D.  The danger here is that all of the documentation says that they don’t work on the 20D


I met Jimmy through some mutual friends recently, and she’s been nothing but awesome since.  She asked me to do some headshots for a project she’s working on, and of course I agreed.  She’s a pretty laid back person, not your typical girlygirl, and as

Towers From The King

Ivan and I were killing some time in downtown, and I decided I wanted to shoot something.  We ended up in Old Sac, and he had the brilliant idea of trying to get access to the third deck of the Delta King, with the iconic

Luke – 27th Street Parking Garage

So, I don’t normally go for the crazy post-processed artificial look, but because of the MASSIVE flare coming from the VAL’d light back camera right, I thought I’d go for it instead of attempting to fix it. Dragged Ivan, Krissy, and Luke up to the

NYE: My Crew

New Years Eve this year was pretty fun.  Unlike the last few years, I spent it out, spent it drunk, and spent it with plenty of friends, both new and old.  Also brought my gear.  Unlike the last time I brought my gear down to

Heidi, my new friend

Just a quick post, but here’s a shot of Heidi, same night as the last shot of Ivan.  Just using on-camera bounced flash off of a low ceiling, and an optical slave camera left at a 45.  Nothing special, but I like this one, so