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Graveshadow at Old Ironsides

Doing things a bit differently here.  In a few different ways, actually.

First, I’m uploading a full batch of photos from a shoot to a blog post.  Don’t normally do it, as I usually just put them up on the digitalnoise|photo Facebook page, but I thought I’d shake things up, and see how I like this.  Gonna’ admit that as of now, not a huge fan of how the images get cropped in the post view, but I’m working on fixing that.  Clicking on the image to go fullscreen resolves that though, of course.  Update: Fixed the issue, everything should look fantastic and undecapitated now.

Second, the actual photos themselves.  Or, more accurately, where I shot them.  A buddy of mine (who’s a buddy of the band) hit me up the day of this show and asked if I could go shoot Graveshadow.  It was my Friday, and I like Old Ironsides as a place to drink and chill, so sure, why not.  Despite the fact that I already knew that the lighting (or lack thereof) would make for a difficult time.  But oh well.  Geronimo!  Or, allons y!  Or, whatever.

So, barely any lights (as anyone who’s seen a show at Old Ironsides would know), limited space, no TTL flash as my only one died recently (just as well, it sucked anyways), and a 28-75mm f/2.8 with a slight focusing problem.  And then I hear that there’s another photographer tapped for the same band.  Sounds like a recipe for success.  It’s a good thing there’s beer, am I right?  Although I do feel bad about popping off some bounced hotshoe flash in the middle of a crowd.  I hate being that douche, but sometimes it’s inescapable.  I shot less than a song of sparing pops and then went back to no flash.  Shooting with manual flash when trying not to be Constantly Blinding Asshole Man was almost as stressful as shooting without flash at all.  So…  Might as well not be hated, and get perhaps slightly more worse images.  I can live with that trade-off.

Anyway, it was my first time seeing Graveshadow, and they were pretty entertaining.  Very new band, but there’s some good potential there, for sure.  Looking forward to checking them out at a larger venue, like at the Fallrise show at Ace of Spades on May 3rd.  Oh, and that other photographer?  Turns out it was my buddy Aaron Guzman, whom I hadn’t seen in a while.  So that was a nice little surprise.

Overall, a fun night resulting in severely imperfect photos.

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