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Luke – 27th Street Parking Garage

So, I don’t normally go for the crazy post-processed artificial look, but because of the MASSIVE flare coming from the VAL’d light back camera right, I thought I’d go for it instead of attempting to fix it.

Dragged Ivan, Krissy, and Luke up to the top of the 27th Street Parking Garage on Saturday and made them brave the crazy cold winds so I can take silly pictures of them being, well, silly.  Good times though.

The more I look at this photo, the more I like it, but I know it’s definitely not my M.O., so to speak.  Either way, as long as I enjoy it for what it is, and Luke likes it, I guess that’s what matters.

I may put up more from that night later, but for now, I’m doing exactly what I said I wouldn’t do tonight and am up WAY too late.  Night!

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