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Bird on a huge friggin’ wire

This one’s a bit from the wayback machine of my photos. I haven’t been shooting much recently, so I thought I’d dig into the vault, so to speak.  In 2009 I went up to Redding to spend Christmas with my family. I left Redding before

Imperial Sunset

I don’t typically do sunsets/sunrises.  But I would say that I like this one.  The houses and trees silhouetted out, with somehow the water tower being lit just enough to see the town name across it (apparently houses/streets make good fill cards). I was hoping to maybe

Solo Flight

I just got back from a nearly week-long trip out to Nebraska to see a long-time friend.  Also, the second time I’ve ever flown (both times to see the same friend).  Definitely the first time I’ve gone this far away from home.  Exciting times, despite

Towers From The King

Ivan and I were killing some time in downtown, and I decided I wanted to shoot something.  We ended up in Old Sac, and he had the brilliant idea of trying to get access to the third deck of the Delta King, with the iconic

It’s Just A Tree…

Albeit a nicely textured tree, with an interesting anomaly from where a branch impeding my driveway was lopped off, but it’s just a tree nonetheless.  And it’s these kinds of shots that I don’t take very often…  Again, however, this was derived while playing around

Eagle Lake, Tahoe National Forest

Last weekend, my wife and I went backpacking for an overnight trip at Eagle Lake, in the south Tahoe National Forest.  It was a crazy four-plus mile hike in on what was supposed to be a “beginner” trail.  Beginner my ass.  Whoever wrote about the

Caymus Vineyards – Napa, CA (2)

Got ambitious and decided to do another quick Napa photo…  Feedback is definitely appreciated.  And now, time to lay off the pics as the allergies are kicking my eyes’ asses.

Caymus Vineyards – Napa, CA

Overlooking the baby grape vines at Caymus Vineyards, Napa, CA.  This is a relatively new vineyard that Caymus started a few years ago, and has yet to see it’s first crop.  Great environment though, and the grapes will most likely be stand-out quality. Also note