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Cyber Monday Sale!

It’s the Monday following Thanksgiving, and nowdays that means that it’s Cyber Monday–Black Friday’s online (and much more calm) counterpart.  With that being the case, I thought I’d take the opportunity to discount my photography prints.  There are standard prints available in all sizes, and

Hooray, a new website!

This is something I’ve been itching to get done for a while, and is sorely needed.  A new blog and more importantly, a new portfolio display.  After a good long while debating and planning, I’ve finally got this place set up in a way that

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Prints For Sale!

Hey everyone, quick little update.  I’m experimenting with a PhotoShelter account where I can easily facilitate selling prints of my photos: This will allow me to easily post up batches of photos from concerts, events, and other shoots to make available for print purchases,

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Whoa, another new layout!

Welcome to digitalnoise|photo v3!  At least I think it’s v3.  Yeah.  V3.  I think this is the best iteration so far, and will allow more flexibility for posting not just photos but normal blog content as well, which the previous two versions didn’t allow for.