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Testing the O-Flash – Self Portrait

I ended up finally pulling the trigger on picking up one of Photojojo‘s latest toys, the O-Flash ring flash adapter.  When they first announced it a few weeks ago, I was definitely intrigued, however wasn’t sure how quality a $40 ring light adapter would be.  After I mulled around on it for a bit, and then went to the San Francisco stop for Joe McNally and David Hobby’s The FlashBus Tour (which was AMAZING, by the way!), I got energized about using some on-axis fill, and a ring flash is an excellent way to do this.

So after puttering around the house, taking photos of my new camera bag, my Rubio’s burrito (oooh… sooo good!), the dinosaur toy that Photojojo includes free in orders (lol), and blinding the cats for a few minutes, I decided I’d try some real-world applications for this baby.

Went into the garage and set up a few lights, threw the camera on the tripod, and hooked up the remote switch (SO much easier to take photos of yourself with this thing).  A couple hours of playtime later, and I got a decent group of examples of different lighting scenarios all within the same setup.  I primarily wanted to show the difference of a setup with a normal key light/separation light/background light setup, and that same setup with an on-axis fill that a ring light provides.  Granted, I could’ve thrown an umbrella right behind the camera, but for one I didn’t have a third stand, and two, that’s not the purpose here.

So as opposed to throwing all of the photos up here, I’ve already uploaded them to my personal Facebook page.  Each photo has a description that explains what’s going on with that shot, and there’s also a pullback shot on my phone that will give a somewhat illustrative display of what I had set up.

Last, I do want to say that I’m aware I’ve been rather quiet here.  I really want to get back to a regular schedule of posting, but it seems that I just haven’t been shooting enough.  I’m trying to rectify that, so hang tight!

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