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Angela in Old Sac Part I

Yesterday, Mr. Matt (Matt @facebook) and I hit up Old Sacramento for some photowalk fun.  It was Matt’s first time going out on a photowalk, so it was a lot of fun.  Eventually, another friend from work came out, the awesomely fun Angela.  She braved

Phoenix Rising

Back in September of 2006, I went to Cesar Chavez Park in downtown Sacramento and shot a couple of bands at Rock Wars, a battle of the bands competition.  My buddy’s band, A Borrowed Life was playing, and I hadn’t seen Anthony in a while,

Mr. Sean, I Presume…

Here’s another coworker of mine, the funny and many-voiced Sean.  Dude nails way too many awesome voice characters it’s ridiculous.  Anyways, this guy has been with me at this job since nearly the beginning…  Came in a bit late as a last-minute replacement for someone

Matt and the Shades

Last night I began playing with my flash unit, trying to get the feel for some strobist-style lighting.  I have a cheapo Phoenix D92-BZS digital slave flash that I bought when I was using my Finepix S3100 as my main camera.  Now that I have

Water Bottle In The Sun

So I finally got my new lens from my friend Nelcha (by way of a few other peoples), and let me tell you, it’s a lot of fun so far!  It’s a Canon 70-210 f/4.  Older lens, heavy as a brick, but so far pretty

What A Deal!

So after getting off work on Wednesday, I hit up the Ritz Camera on Sunrise in the Birdcage Center, and of course as is expected with a business that’s liquidating all of their stuff due to closing, they didn’t have much to offer at this

Stupidity Isn’t A Crime, Huh?

My wife decided that she was going to correct Adam’s “Stupidity Isn’t A Crime…  You’re free to go.” shirt…  It now says “Stupidity Isnt’ A Crime…  I’m free! :P” Pretty damn funny, really.  I don’t think Adam thought so.  Wonder if those are actually still

Caymus Vineyards – Napa, CA

Overlooking the baby grape vines at Caymus Vineyards, Napa, CA.  This is a relatively new vineyard that Caymus started a few years ago, and has yet to see it’s first crop.  Great environment though, and the grapes will most likely be stand-out quality. Also note

Christina – Before and After

Playing around with Photoshop a bit, particularly with Totally Rad Actions, and so far I’m really liking the results.  I’m able to do the same thing I’ve been doing manually in Photoshop in a FRACTION of the time spent manually adjusting things.  I need to