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Angela in Old Sac Part I

Yesterday, Mr. Matt (Matt @facebook) and I hit up Old Sacramento for some photowalk fun.  It was Matt’s first time going out on a photowalk, so it was a lot of fun.  Eventually, another friend from work came out, the awesomely fun Angela.  She braved some weird little areas in back alleys, and allowed us to get some pretty good pics.

This is also the first time I’ve seriously a person with off-camera flash, and same for Matt.  I’ve played around at home, using my wife as a subject, but this was the first time out in the real world.  I think we both came up with some pretty cool shots.

This is the first of a few from the day, underneath a sidewalk with awesome pillars and bricks, in an unused parking lot in a back alley.  Good stuff.

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