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Phoenix Rising

Back in September of 2006, I went to Cesar Chavez Park in downtown Sacramento and shot a couple of bands at Rock Wars, a battle of the bands competition.  My buddy’s band, A Borrowed Life was playing, and I hadn’t seen Anthony in a while, and Josh since he was in Wurkt and they came up to Redding to play a show with my band back in 2001 or so.  I ended up also shooting Save and Continue, very cool guys (who also do a GREAT cover of The Cranberries’ “Zombie” lol), and got some good shots of openers Phoenix Rising.  After posting a few shots for their enjoyment on their myspace comments page, PR contacted me and asked to do a shoot.  I’d never really done a full-on real band shoot before, and jumped at the chance.  They were all really cool guys, very laid back, and excellent musicians.

Here’s one of the better group shots that I got, and I just re-edited it the other day.  I’ve become much better with Photoshop over the past three years, and I think this is a much better interpretation.  Not to mention it reduces the poor on-camera 580EXII (rented, never used one before lol).  I definitely didn’t know what I was doing past “Put the flash on the hotshoe cord and hold it up and at an angle” hehe.

Anyways, this was an absolute blast, and given the chance I’d photograph these guys again any day, in whatever band they’re in.

Oh, and the flask that Rob’s holding up is for a bottled water company called Liquid Salvation.  They sponsored Phoenix Rising at the time, and had a ton of it on-hand in the practice spot.  Very cool design for the bottle, and I got a pretty decent shot of Rob holding up the Liquid Salvation Angel flask too.  Yeah, it’s just water, but it’s awesomely packaged water!

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