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Mr. Sean, I Presume…

Here’s another coworker of mine, the funny and many-voiced Sean.  Dude nails way too many awesome voice characters it’s ridiculous.  Anyways, this guy has been with me at this job since nearly the beginning…  Came in a bit late as a last-minute replacement for someone who quit.  Sean worked in Admin in our building, and then was recruited for our dispatch team, where we became friends and helped him get up to speed.  Sean then got promoted, I got promoted afterwards (he had seniority with the company lol), and now we’re rocking it on the support floor.

Seriously crazy dude, but also one of the nicest and most genuine guys I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

Also, don’t forget, I just launched The Plan, my new photographic initiative for super-cheap photoshoots for you now, and a free, way-more-awesomer (or “not less badder, more gooder” as Sean would say) shoot down the road.  Check out The Plan page for more details.

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