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It’s Just A Tree…

Albeit a nicely textured tree, with an interesting anomaly from where a branch impeding my driveway was lopped off, but it’s just a tree nonetheless.  And it’s these kinds of shots that I don’t take very often…  Again, however, this was derived while playing around with that borrowed 70-300mm Sigma lens, and thought it merited a late-night Sunday posting.

Primarily, I’m just trying to keep myself motivated to post content, build up some decent level of photos, so I could actually look like, oh, you know, a real photographer.  I’ve always been looked at as “the photographer” (at least since I started all this nonsense years ago), however I’ve never really had a quality body of work.  Yeah, there’s my Flickr page, which definitely has some interesting stuff, but it also has a large amount of crap and personal stuff.  Not great for showcasing what I do, and what I can do.  And again, not like a picture of an amputated tree does that any better, but I think you get the point.

Anyways…  I need to head to bed soon here, so I’ll cut the rant.  But if there’s one thought that’s on my mind every day it’s that I need to shoot more, geek out over gear less, and get some actual PEOPLE in front of my lens.  For a socially inept nerd like myself, if it doesn’t involve a bass, a stage, and loud rock music coming from me and a few friends, I’m a horrid people person, so this is frightening to me.  Although I know I just need to do it…

But as I said, that’s enough out of me for now…  Good night, internets!

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