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Bird on a huge friggin’ wire

This one’s a bit from the wayback machine of my photos. I haven’t been shooting much recently, so I thought I’d dig into the vault, so to speak.  In 2009 I went up to Redding to spend Christmas with my family. I left Redding before Sundial Bridge was completed, and as such, never had seen it yet. I went out for the day with my mom (first time in years we’d done anything together), and walked around the bridge area, while she gave me the rundown of some of the things around there.

Most of the shots were rather uninspired–more for the sake of me being able to say that I have photos of the bridge, which as a Redding native, apparently was pretty requisite.  There are a few decent ones in the group, sadly I didn’t have a tripod with me, it was getting dark and more cloudy, and barely sprinkling, so I couldn’t really capture what I had in my head.

But this came out much better than I had expected.  These are the suspension cables that hold the sundial–and the bridge–in place.  They’re a little bit thinner around than a soda bottle, and as people walk across the bridge, you see them sway ever so slightly.  This bird somehow managed to sit neatly within my frame, I still don’t remember the reasoning for taking this photo at the time (or logic), but it came out much better than I’d expected.

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