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Procrastination report: Ides of March edition

Procrastination report: Ides of March edition

Hey there everyone, welcome to a record-setting second post in 2020!  Last month I made an attempt to get back into the swing of things here and meant to follow up a week later.  Well, looks like that ended up being four weeks-ish, but that’s

The best laid plans blog header

The best laid plans (or: Where have I been?)

So, uh… Hey there…  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  Nearly four years since I posted anything on what was supposed to be my big ol’ catch-all website.  Feels a bit strange coming back to post something, like I’m retreading a weird abandoned part of

Building A Better YouTube Video

A guide to making better YouTube videos I’ve been meaning to make this video for a while, and I finally got to it recently.  But why did I make this video?  After watching so many videos on YouTube, you start noticing things that are highly

Graveshadow at Old Ironsides

Doing things a bit differently here.  In a few different ways, actually. First, I’m uploading a full batch of photos from a shoot to a blog post.  Don’t normally do it, as I usually just put them up on the digitalnoise|photo Facebook page, but I

Cyber Monday Sale!

It’s the Monday following Thanksgiving, and nowdays that means that it’s Cyber Monday–Black Friday’s online (and much more calm) counterpart.  With that being the case, I thought I’d take the opportunity to discount my photography prints.  There are standard prints available in all sizes, and

New old cameras for the collection

I went up to Redding last week to visit my parents for a few days, something I don’t do often enough.  But it was a good trip, got a bunch of stuff accomplished for my mom as far as computer issues go, as is the

Hooray, a new website!

This is something I’ve been itching to get done for a while, and is sorely needed.  A new blog and more importantly, a new portfolio display.  After a good long while debating and planning, I’ve finally got this place set up in a way that