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Misamore Promo, and Delivering Options To Your Clients

In June, my buddy Josh Amolsch of the band Misamore hired me to do a super-quick band portrait session.  We busted it out pretty fast, and got him the image he wanted.  I really like it, I think it works for the band quite nicely.

Maintaining a Professional Image With Your Writing

I think I’m going to continue writing a bit regarding image and brand strength, as it’s something I feel very strongly about.  I also have been keeping it pretty pent up over the past year or two, and I feel I need to get it

Image, Style, and a Return to Blogging, Part 2

My last post, Image, Style, and a Return to Blogging, Part 1, was supposed to be one post encompassing two intertwined topics, however things ran a bit long.  Part two of my ramblings on photographer branding and image is now upon us. Last time, I talked

Image, Style, and a Return to Blogging, Part 1

Hey there strangers, looks like I’ve neglected my poor blog here, and haven’t posted for a while.  Silly Facebook, Google+, etc becoming the destinations for everyone’s attention.  Not too many people blog anymore other than the big guys, and those addicted to long-form content publishing.