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Towers From The King

Ivan and I were killing some time in downtown, and I decided I wanted to shoot something.  We ended up in Old Sac, and he had the brilliant idea of trying to get access to the third deck of the Delta King, with the iconic

Mr. Matt and his kung fu shoes

Yeah, lame title, but that’s what Steve tends to call these shoes…  This is from when Matt and I went out photowalking in Old Sacramento.  Nothing too terribly special in this shot, but it came out alright. Primarily, I’m just testing out a bit of

And We’re Back…

Some of you may know, I had a bit of computer issues a few weeks ago.  Don’t know why, but my computer froze while I was using it, and never wanted to restart afterwards.  Something about the CPU clock overrunning.  Typically that’s a BIOS setting.

Angela in Old Sac Part 2

Here’s another shot of Angela in another location in Old Sacramento, not too far from the other one.  While the first one was spotted while migrating around after Angela showed up, I pointed out to Matt before she got there that this spot would be

Angela in Old Sac Part I

Yesterday, Mr. Matt (Matt @facebook) and I hit up Old Sacramento for some photowalk fun.  It was Matt’s first time going out on a photowalk, so it was a lot of fun.  Eventually, another friend from work came out, the awesomely fun Angela.  She braved