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And We’re Back…

Some of you may know, I had a bit of computer issues a few weeks ago.  Don’t know why, but my computer froze while I was using it, and never wanted to restart afterwards.  Something about the CPU clock overrunning.  Typically that’s a BIOS setting.  And last I checked, I’m not able to edit my BIOS settings while watching AutoTune The News…  So, after trying to restart it a few times, I gave it a few days.  Still didn’t work.

A few weeks later (just a few days ago) I decided to rip into the case and see if there was anything obviously weird…  The CPU heatsink was dirty as crap.  Removed the sink and fan, cleaned ’em out, restarted, same issue.  Afterwards, I noticed it was giving some options for defaults in the BIOS, so I decided to give ’em a shot, and eventually it fired up.  Yeah, I’m totally confused.

But it’s up and running, and I’ve got some photos from my adventures in downtown in August, and some other random stuff.

So, why this pic of a parking meter?  Well, it was just something I snapped after a cancelled shoot in old Sacramento.  And now that the computer is back up and running, it seems to be running FASTER…  Again, confused.  But I thought I’d test out Lightroom through some basic processes.  So far, it’s running a bit faster and more smooth… Good times.

I still need me a Macbook Pro though.  lol.

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