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Things To Do With A Bodybag – Go To The Park

Once in a while, great ideas are had.  They change the way you think, the way you look at art, and maybe society.  When these ideas spring to life, they can enrich your existence in ways never before thought possible.

This is not that kind of idea.

This is pure unadulterated humor, sprung forth from the sick twisted minds of sick twisted people.  And therefore, it is awesome.  Travis, the duder behind the oh-so-magical Whiskey For Breakfast, has come up with a rather amusing premise for what I’d call a comedic photo essay.  He’s had part one of this series up for a while now, but I’m just now getting to blogging about it.

The shoot happened the weekend of the iPad launch, and instead of standing around with a bunch of geeks and nerds, we drove around town shooting ridiculous photos of Steve in a bodybag.  All in all, good times.

More will be surfacing through the cracks of Travis’ demented frontal lobe as it leaks out.

Check out Whiskey For Breakfast, or follow Travis on Twitter.  Have an idea for a bodybag shoot?  Contact Travis on Twitter with the hashtag #thingstodowithabodybag.

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