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This Many Bikes Only Means One Thing…

Steve, Andrea, and I recently went on a day trip out to Davis.  Why?  Well…  There was a Super Street Fighter IV tourney at Drom’s Comics & Cards, so we thought we’d give it a shot.  Seems that we were pretty much the only two people there who didn’t really know anyone else.  So, odd.  Plus, they use PS3s.  Our fightpads are for the 360, because the PS3 fightpads (which Steve also has) are worthless (Damn you, MadCatz!).  Since neither of us are joystick players, we had to throw down on some janky-assed Sega Saturn pads.  Lame.  Despite the competition we faced first round, we both went out in a blaze of fail.  Missing hadokens and air tatsus left and right.  Miserable.

So, on the way back to the car, I randomly snapped this picture of a bike rack at the Amtrak station.  No-look shot, just a one-off.  I didn’t really shoot much there, but perhaps next time.

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