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SCTA Awards Dinner and Dance – CRAZY!

Wow, what a weekend!  I had the pleasure of running a “photo booth” at the SCTA‘s annual awards dinner/dance.  Let me tell ya’, crazy, fun-loving, exciting people, these teacher-types are.  It’s a good thing that word didn’t get out that I work for a major school information software company in the support department, otherwise this would’ve been an even more frantic night!

After the awards dinner, the lights went down, and the party attitude went up, and from then on it was just a blast.  Fun people to shoot, albeit directing people was nearly impossible–loud music and a party atmosphere does not lend itself well to “Turn a bit left, chin up, bend the knee” instructions.  It was all I could do to keep everyone away from the “backdrop”, and even in front of it haha…  Either way, I’m not stressing, it was fun.

This shot was way zoomed out on the 24-105mm f/4L (Official review of this lens, btw: Holy mother of god is it SICK!!), and you can see the impressively powerful and reliable Paul C. Buff White Lightning X1600 over on the left.  Had two of these bad-boys blasting at only just around 1/4 power–if that, on 45 degree angles camera left/right.  Didn’t light the backdrop, although I should’ve.  I would’ve ended up getting small flash that I planned on lighting it with broken or knocked over, so I didn’t worry.  Either way, even though the “fourth wall” has been busted down on this shot, I like it as it kind of turns out to be a behind-the-scenes shot, as though as the’re going crazy inbetween “real” shots.  Works for me.

The rest of these photos can be found on my newly created Facebook fan page for my photography:

Why Facebook refuses to have decent URLs for fan pages is beyond me… But there you go, you should Like it.  Because I have more stuff coming soon.  Hint:  It has a hot girl in it.  Stay tuned.

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