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Will It Go?

I’ve been a bit quiet here, haven’t been shooting that much–day job overtime has been plentiful recently. But I knew I had this shot from the River Cats 2010 season opener that I wanted to throw up here. Sadly, it wasn’t until around the 8th

Towers From The King

Ivan and I were killing some time in downtown, and I decided I wanted to shoot something.  We ended up in Old Sac, and he had the brilliant idea of trying to get access to the third deck of the Delta King, with the iconic

Luke – 27th Street Parking Garage

So, I don’t normally go for the crazy post-processed artificial look, but because of the MASSIVE flare coming from the VAL’d light back camera right, I thought I’d go for it instead of attempting to fix it. Dragged Ivan, Krissy, and Luke up to the

Mr. Matt and his kung fu shoes

Yeah, lame title, but that’s what Steve tends to call these shoes…  This is from when Matt and I went out photowalking in Old Sacramento.  Nothing too terribly special in this shot, but it came out alright. Primarily, I’m just testing out a bit of

Infrared Lightrail

I took this shot a few years ago on the way home from my job as a web designer for Smith Gallery/K Street Gallery in downtown…  Infrared filter on the old Fuji Finepix S5100, 3 sec exposure at f/2.9.  Good stuff. 🙂