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A Shell Of It’s Former Glory…

The weekend that my wife and I went backpacking, on our way back down from the Sierras, we stopped in Rocklin/Roseville at the new Sonic Drive-In off of Highway 65.  We got the amazing bacon cheeseburgers on Texas toast, some tater tots, and cherry limeades.  Amazingness!

Well, somehow Eryn’s got left outside after it was finished, and while I was playing around with the 70-300mm Sigma lens one of my supervisors at work loaned me, I got this pic of the cup.  Ahh, fond memories of a drink gone by.  How I wish there was a Sonic that was even remotely near whether I live or work (or both!).

Anyways…  Just a pic of an old styrofoam cup with cigarette ash on it.  Yet one more excuse to play with new gear, and work out some Lightroom kinks on the new laptop, regardless.

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