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Whoa! Flowers!

Yeah, I’ve been posting some oddball stuff recently, but as I said last time, it’s more of a way for me to just pump some pretty content into this blog, and keep me in the regular routine of posting.  I’m not shooting every day like I should be, this is another from the 10 minutes or so I spent outside the other day with that borrowed 70-300mm lens.  This is actually just outside my door.  Apparently flowers bloom where my dog pees.  I know, you didn’t want to know that, but too late now.

Please excuse the blotchy colors, as this seems to be a recurring trend with this lens (note the picture of Steve I’ve got floating around on Facebook).  I really didn’t care too much to tone down the saturation, or hue/luminance, but it’s kinda’ artsy, so it works.  Those of you who have looked in on my work over the past few years–in both photography and graphic design–know that I’m not one for crazy standard photoshop fare, such as posterize, oversaturate, negative/inverse, etc, so I guess I’m allowed some “artistic flavor” in this fashion once in a while.

Anyways… I think it’s time for some  food, maybe some South Park, and then head to bed.  Already took a nearly-nap today, so I think I’m good for a little bit more.

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