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Testing the O-Flash – Self Portrait

I ended up finally pulling the trigger on picking up one of Photojojo‘s latest toys, the O-Flash ring flash adapter.  When they first announced it a few weeks ago, I was definitely intrigued, however wasn’t sure how quality a $40 ring light adapter would be. 

OMG! WTF Did I Do??

Been talking about it for a few weeks now, but I went and did it Thursday night.  I cut my hair!  It’s gone!  WTF!!  Yeah, I know, I’ve lost my signature “metalhead” look, but even then, I guess I wasn’t too metalhead-looking.  Either way, the

A rare self-portrait, Strobist style

Decided to bust out some of the camera gear for once…  After the party the other night, I noticed something odd…  The crappy little two-AA-powered Minolta Auto118X that I’ve not used at all up until the party is bright…  REALLY bright…  Way brighter than the