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Steve’s Xmas Party 1

Steve had a Christmas/holiday party at his house on Friday.  It was set up to be the afterparty of our work holiday party, however we ended up not going.  A few people showed up, Joe, Jen, and Jake brought the beer pong table, and we

Rainbow Matt is ANGRY!

So, apparently this little gem of graffiti showed up on Matt’s cube’s nameplate today…  We put up this photo of Matt all over the office with a quote about people on the 4am shift, and the fact that when they call in sick, it screws

Mr. Matt and his kung fu shoes

Yeah, lame title, but that’s what Steve tends to call these shoes…  This is from when Matt and I went out photowalking in Old Sacramento.  Nothing too terribly special in this shot, but it came out alright. Primarily, I’m just testing out a bit of

Matt and the Shades

Last night I began playing with my flash unit, trying to get the feel for some strobist-style lighting.  I have a cheapo Phoenix D92-BZS digital slave flash that I bought when I was using my Finepix S3100 as my main camera.  Now that I have

Matt Wins at Yelling

So, part of the point of this post is to let you in on what’s going to be housed here. Part of it is to see what this theme does to a post without a picture. I have no idea, honestly.

At this point, I’m definitely making much more of an effort with my photography, and would like somewhere to make it viewable where it’s my own. Chances are this site will change shapes later on, but for now, this is a quick and dirty way of getting something up quickly. Yeah, it’s not a Showit site or anything, but it’ll do for now.

I’ll have both random and portfolio images up here, just basically as a way for me to have a highly focused, targeted site project for me to work on, as well as a great showcase for my images. I’m going to try and put up a few images a week to start, since I’ve never been great at the whole “post one thing a day” deal. We’ll see what happens though.

And now, time to see what this post looks like!