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River Cats Opener – Safe!

Last Friday I went to the River Cats home opening game.  I’ve never been to a River Cats game, never been to Raley Field.  Haven’t even seen a ballgame since maybe high school.  Maybe.  Gotta say though, it was a good game.  The Cats ended up winning 8-4, and all was right.

I couldn’t get to my seat without squeezing myself through a pretty crazily packed row, so I just didn’t.  Stood at the edge of the concourse for most of the game, the ol’ 70-210mm f/4 strapped on, on my el-cheapo Walmart monopod on my Induro ball head.  I could’ve done much better with something out to 300mm, but hey, it’s better than nothing.

Either way, I had a good time, got some alright shots, and realized that I need an IS lens if I’m shooting that far extended even on a monopod hehe.

Maybe I’ll put more from the game up later, but it’s late.  I just needed to get something up tonight, it’d been nearly a week.

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