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Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)

I’ve been a bit quiet here on the photoblog, but the camera hasn’t been coming out too terribly often recently.  Such a shame.

In fact, it almost didn’t come out last night, but Sarah managed to talk me into doing a group shot.  I can’t begin tell you how great it is to have someone who actually is excitedly supportive of it, it’s a nice change.

This is our group.  Well, most of it.  There are a few key people missing, but for the most part, this is the gang.  Most of them are the regulars, although a few are new, which I always welcome.  As crazy and retarded as we end up sometimes, it’s a good group, and we all have fun.

From left to right:  Ninja, Jeff, Tony, Luke, Heidi, Colby, Sarah, Ivan, Eliza, Ray (sitting), Bill is behind Alisa, and me.

And yet again, photography while drinking equals mistakes–notice how I ghosted myself with the lights off in the background?  Yeah.  I was fully aware of it being a 4 second exposure, but I took off early on all shots.  Why?  Because I had a restless gang of drunkards who were giving me grief! Just kidding hehe.  But I did end up ghosting myself in all of the shots, which I guess I would say was the only real issue I have with these, other than the fact that not all the back row are lit.  Still, for doing this super rushed, I’m pleased with it.

Strobist info: 4 second exposure @ f/5.6, ISO 200, 50mm f/1.8 lens.  Minolta Auto 118x flash triggered by Cactus v4 triggers, with my Phoenix flash slaved with a hotshoe slave (even though the phoenix has a built-in slave.  wtf was I thinking? haha!)

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