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Day 1/365 – Krissy Vomit

Yes, that’s the name she goes by.  Krissy is definitely a very colorful person, and I came to met her thanks to Ivan and Jeff.  We’ve only hung out a handful of times, but she’s becoming one of my closest friends, and is always a riot to be around.

This shot was taken just after New Years Eve had come and passed, and while this isn’t the first picture that came out of my camera once the new year hit, I think this is a good choice for my very first post of my Project 365.  We’ll see how well this process goes, and hopefully I’ll manage to actually pull this off.

Strobist info:  Umbrella’d Minolta Auto 118x up fairly close at a 45/45 camera left, Phoenix D92-BZS down low hitting her lower half a little camera left, Canon 70-210 f/4 shooting at f/5.6 @ ISO 100

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