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Victoria and her family

A few weeks ago I had a couple of shoots for some friends.  They were both new types of shoots for me, so it was a pretty interesting situation.  The first one of the day was for my friend Victoria.  Some of her family was visiting from out of state, and her mom (one of the visiting family members) wanted some photos before she left California.

The only time I’ve ever tried a group photo before was the rooftop shot with my midtown group of friends, and this was much easier in the respect that it was less people, and also not middle of the night hehe.

I definitely had a good time doing this shoot, Victoria and her family were amazingly fun to work with, and there were definitely some pretty fun and crazy shots out of the group.

This was shot in Capitol Park on the south lawn.  Key light was a 580 EX II at full power reflected in a 60″ umbrella, cross lit with the LP160 at half power with a 43″ umbrella.  Camera was at 1/200th, f5.6 at ISO200.

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