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Lisa – Maternity

I haven’t blogged any of these, but a while ago I did some maternity photos for my friend Lisa.  I’ve known Lisa since I lived in Redding, and then we stopped talking for a long while.  I moved to Sacramento, and about 6 years afterward, she and her husband and kids moved down here too, so now we’ve been hanging out.  Lisa is really getting into photographing her kids (as most parents do), and she’s enjoying learning more about photography while she does it (she bought the Canon 50mm f/1.8 after I demo’d it for her for a few minutes/shots–and after I told her the price haha!).  She’s making great progress with her knowledge and practice, and I’m glad that I’m able to share knowledge with such an interested individual.

She wanted some photos before she gave birth to her daughter, Harmony, and I was glad to do so for her.  Although it became VERY apparent rather quickly that I’m not skilled with maternity photos at all!  But it was fun, aside from the major headaches that my rechargeable batteries were giving me (side note:  I bought a LaCrosse four-bank battery charger within a week of this.  Best.  Investment.  Ever.)

These were lit in her living room with a base coat of window light, and two LP160s behind shoot-through umbrellas.  Hell if I know what the powers were now.

Lisa has of course since had her daughter, and she is adorable!  I just recently did some Easter photos of her kids, and I’ll probably post one of those later on, including Harmony.  See?  You can consider this one a behind-the-scenes shot in preparation for the Easter photos.  😀

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