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Fun with expensive gear…

So had a sale on renting the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM II a short while back (and on the Nikon equivalent), so I took the chance to rent it for a second time.  I didn’t do much with it the first time, so I’m trying to make more use of it this time around.

Brought out the lens while at a friends’ house the other night, and thought I’d put it through its paces with low light photography.  Camera is a 20D, cranked up to ISO 1600, with the stabilization on and aperture set to f/2.8.  Got some interesting results, including this fairly clean shot at 1/10th sec.  Nothing was done to brighten it, just used my normal process of bumping up the Vibrance, Clarity, Saturation, a small sharpness bump, and noise suppression in Lightroom 3.

Got to say, pretty damn slick result.

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