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Spider City – Ace Of Spades

My buddy Josh’s band Misamore had scored a pretty cool second show for the band, being main support for Murderdolls at Ace Of Spades a few weeks back.  Murderdolls is Slipknot’s Joey Jordison’s sideproject where he plays guitar.

So I roll up to the show, not many people at the venue yet, and the first band kicks off.  Spider City, from Sacramento.  I’m watching the show with a friend, and I look up at the guitarist and realize:  That’s Dean, from Track Fighter!!  My interest was suddenly piqued, considering as I didn’t know that another friend of mine was playing this show in a band I’d never heard of.

Dean puts on one hell of a show, he’s flawless on guitar, and always gets seriously into playing.  Dude kills it.  If you ever have a chance to go see one of his apparently several bands, do so–you’ll be entertained.

Speaking of Track Fighter, I went to their show at Ace Of Spades on Saturday where they headlined.  Photos from that show will be up soon, once I have some actual free time spent not going to shows.

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