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Sirima 2

Another picture from Sirima’s impromptu “pornstar hair” photoshoot.  She’s looking awfully emo here hehe. This is my Phoenix D92-BZS flash optically slaved off of my Canon 20D’s onboard flash dialed down as low as it would go.  I hadn’t received my triggers yet, so this

Sirima 1

A handful of weeks ago, Sirima came over to the house after just getting her hair done…  She called it her “pornstar hair” haha.  So therefore, being the picture-freak she is, asked for some pictures.  I took it as an opportunity to play with my

Happy Birthday, Sirima!

Happy birthday, Sirima!  The awesome and lovely Sirima had a great birthday party over at her place on Saturday, and along with the usual suspects such as Steve, Jason (who have both shown up in various photos here probably), and others, had a damn awesome