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Hotel Party Madness!

This is an older one, but from a rather fun night with the crew.  On the night that I shot Jen’s boudoir photos, we rolled the use of the rather expensive-yet-worth-it Citizen Hotel room I rented into a hotel party.  It was an eventful night,

Steve’s Xmas Party 1

Steve had a Christmas/holiday party at his house on Friday.  It was set up to be the afterparty of our work holiday party, however we ended up not going.  A few people showed up, Joe, Jen, and Jake brought the beer pong table, and we

Mahh see? You’ll nevah catch meh, see?

So last night, Steve, Penny, and I went to a costume party with some friends from work, and had a drunken great time.  Steve decided that his last minute convict costume would be better with an old-timey mustache.  And this was the first shot of


Yet another shot from Sirima’s birthday…  Here’s Steve and Laura.  Steve’s pretty engrossed in whatever he’s playing, I forget at this time.  But that happens often.  Come to find out that Laura’s quite a gamer herself.  Earlier in the evening, we were all thrashing around

Triple Trouble

Another shot from Sirima’s birthday party, here we have Jason, Melissa, and Steve…  I know Jason and Melissa through Steve, who’s the nutjob in the cube next to me at work, and one hell of a guy.  All three of ’em are a riot, and

Happy Birthday, Sirima!

Happy birthday, Sirima!  The awesome and lovely Sirima had a great birthday party over at her place on Saturday, and along with the usual suspects such as Steve, Jason (who have both shown up in various photos here probably), and others, had a damn awesome