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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Shutter speed and flash syncing

My last post on the Pixel Knight TR-332 TTL wireless flash triggers here had no photos of my own, just some vids on flash triggers and how the syncing worked (or didn’t work) on various cameras. This is more of that technobabble. Although unlike my

Pixel Knight TR-332 Wireless TTL Flash Triggers Review

Recently I took a chance and purchased the Pixel Knight TR-332 Wireless TTL Flash Triggers from Gadget Infinity and thought I’d give them a shot on my 20D.  The danger here is that all of the documentation says that they don’t work on the 20D

Twenty Days With Julian – 01

In late January, I went to shoot my buddy’s band, Escalon, at The Boardwalk out in Orangevale.  It was a fun night hanging out with a few friends, meeting new people, and listening to some good local bands.  I haven’t been to many shows in